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1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria [New Liberty City Liveries]

by Damage Inc.


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Added:2013-10-28 12:13:30 -0700

Replaces:1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria Chicago Police Textures

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These are new custom liveries for the 1987 Ford LTD Crown Victoria from the "Chicago Through The Years"-pack released by Compeast. They're inspired by the original design, which in its turn was based on the real-life "Chicago Police"-design, but I've reworked it into a "Liberty City"-version. That's also why I took some creative liberty (lol) and didn't make it exactly like the real-life designs, but rather made it something new. Almost everything was reworked and redesigned, given new text and emblems, and added depth and detail. These textures were carefully (re-)created with pixel-precision and lots of work by me. I've tried to make them as neat, clean, yet cool, unique, and believable as possible. So I hope you enjoy them, and any comments and suggestions, except offensive attacks, are welcome. And as always, give credit where it's due, like I do. Model (not included) and original textures from Compeast's "CPD pack": New liveries by me (Damage Inc.). Installation: Simply import the included police.wtd-file into your vehicles-image, to whichever slot you installed the vehicle earlier. IMPORTANT NOTE: Make sure that '+livery' is at the end of the vehicles.ide-line for this model, since there are multiple (4) liveries included for more variety. Extra note: This is my debut mod-upload for anything GTA, so let me know what you think of it. I'm working on a couple more like this which, depending on the reception of this one, I will probably upload soon as well.