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Abandoned Vehicle Cleanup 2

by Prof_Farnsworth


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Added:2011-05-17 07:38:56 -0700

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Abandoned Vehicle Cleanup v2.0 by Prof_Farnsworth This mod will make a crew recover abandoned vehicles in the player's area (vehicles with no driver or a dead driver). If no abandoned vehicles are found, they may steal vehicles off of the street, from the dealership, etc. The criminals will occasionally get into shootouts with the cops. ************************************ VERSION 2 UPDATES: - Crew now has a chance of spawning with a rocket launcher and armour. - Increased default likelihood to steal random vehicles (can be adjusted in .ini). - Optimized code - Crew will now "circle" around the vehicle less, are more likely to stop next to it. ************************************ Installation: Place the "" and "crime_city.ini" files into the "scripts" folder of your root GTA IV directory. In .ini Settings file, the chance for them to STEAL random cars off the street is adjustable (they will still recover all abandoned vehicles regardless of this setting). Enter any integer above 3 to change the likelihood of random theft. ( Default is 35. Lower means it will happen more, higher means less. WARNING: Do not set below 3 or script may crash!) ***This will also affect how often they steal your vehicle.*** Known bugs: Occasionally, car thief will give up ride for another. ************************************ ****BONUS**** - Also included in the archive is a small script which makes AI drivers drive over dead bodies instead of stopping at them. It is not perfect, but it stops 30 car pile-ups from one ped dying in the street. To Install, place the file "" into your scripts directory. ************************************ COPYRIGHT: Please do not upload this mod anywhere else. If you use this mod in one of your own, please be kind enough to give credit. Enjoy Prof. Farnsworth