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Added Vehicle Description v1.1

by Noesis


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-01-28 06:34:31 -0800

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Download Link:1359985453_added_vehicle_namesv1.1.rar


Very basic open source mod to display vehicle names for added vehicles which require an existing vehicle name so sound isn't lost but also prevents editing the GXT file without losing original vehicle description (i.e. Cars & Bikes, and perhaps Boats ?) isn't really required for added helicopters or planes, but could be used. Only tested in GTAIV, may work in EFLC or TLAD but I don't have them so I don't know. Requires anyone who uses it to setup model names within code, in the last function at the bottom of the script - some examples exist There are also comments in the script to help you, and also further instructions on how to modify it in the Readme.txt file included in Download. By added vehicles I mean as opposed to replaced, if you only replace vehicles then this will be next to useless for you especially if you edit the GXT file. Activates when entering an setup vehicle or the games radar zoom key is pressed/held down and displays the vehicle name as designated within the code, in the same colour, height and same outline text effect as original but above the original text that displays at the same time and deactivates with a delay when the key is released. -New to this version: * The description is now also displayed when entering an added vehicle. * Simplified the moving of the text, only 2 values need to be changed (i.e. Horizontal & Vertical). * Added a more helpful description of what change in the readme.txt file. Known issues, -Font isn't exactly like the in-game font (in-game font is condensed much more) Any input on how to recreate the exact game font would be appreciated. -Editing of the position of the text is likely if you don't run the game in 1920 x 1080 resolution. - Editing of the script is required for your added vehicles to work, however I don't see a way around this as different people could name the same added vehicle as whatever they choose. If you're not someone who understands scripts don't be deterred, this is a very very basic script, and if you worked out how to add vehicles I'm sure you can understand how to alter this script. It can be opened in any text editor, despite the .cs extension it is only text file. Requires GTAIV .NetScriptHook installed along with requirements for that mod to be installed, and file needs to be placed in the GTAIV scripts directory. Thanks to all the people who have done and released open source mods without whom I would know nothing about modding GTAIV at all.