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Blood Prison Guns Pack

by Naruto 607


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2012-11-09 20:45:04 -0800

Replaces:All weapons in GTA IV, EFLC TLAD, and EFLC TBoGT

Historic Rating:3/10

Historic Downloads:1,867

File Size:116 B

Download Link:1366362503_download_link.txt


So... let me get this straight to the point. I decided to name this weapon pack "Futuristic Russian Guns Pack", but as I watched Naruto Shippuuden Movie 5 few months ago, I decided to name it "Blood Prison Guns Pack", so if you are Naruto hater or the people argued why it's named like that, don't ask me. If you argued offensively, here's your cookie: "F*** YOU!" THESE ARE FICTIONAL AND YOU CAN'T FOUND THEM ALL IN NARUTO EPISODES AND MOVIES. There are 37 new weapons in GTA IV (14), TLAD (9), and TBoGT (14), all manufactured in Russia, and fits perfectly for you who likes the Russian Style. All weapons are credited, so all of them aren't made by me, I just compiling them into a glorious pack with custom WeaponInfo settings and others. Once again, this weapon pack is unofficial, so don't redistribute. The real file size is more and more like an evil, buddy. It took 3 hours downloading it on modem. Comments and ratings are welcome, but don't comment for seeking trouble or you'll get the cookie above. If you are really 1-star rater, just go ahead and rate it. I don't give a f***. UPDATE: You can download this mod at Mediafire. Quick and easy.