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Brevard County Sheriff's Department Impala

by Refected


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-12-04 13:30:52 -0800


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First released model, did my best on it. Took my time for it. If any advise / recommendation on the model / modeling feel free to reply. This Impala is based on the Brevard County Sheriff's Department. Template is included for those who like the model. CREDITS - Model is original Chevrolet Impala From Driver SF, modified for and converted to GTAIV by Bxbugs123 - converted in to a Police vehicle by Bxbugs123 - Seats By Bxbugs123 - rims by Schaefft - Whelen Edge by Bxbugs123 - Bodyguard by Bxbugs123 - Rockwell Collins Laptop Made & Converted by Bxbugs123 Textures By Bxbugs123 & DoTTGaMMa -Emergency Lighting Equiptment and Skins added by MascottePaper