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Car Spawner 2.1

by fastman92

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2010-11-11 07:02:52 -0800

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:70,754

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Download Link:1328261673_gtasa_carspawner21.rar

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This CLEO mod is car spawner for GTA San Andreas. It has implemented sorting algorithms, advanced configuration in .ini file, thus it`s dedicated for those who add cars to GTA SA. In this case adding cars means adding car with ID not 400 <= ID <= 611, that is not replacing. Version 2.0 has been complety rewritten, panel with sorted list of vehicles is being created. They are sorted according to their actual GXT entries that appear when you enter a vehicle. Therefore list is not static and relies on vehicle names. Rotation of camera when car spawner is running works too if you hold on the slash key and move the mouse around. Fully compatible with GTA San Andreas v1.0 [US] HOODLUM No-CD Fixed EXE & GTA: San Andreas v1.01 [EURO] No-CD/Fixed EXE Fully compatible with any screen (4:3, 16:9, 16:10...) Partly Compatible with CLEO3 See the video: