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Colt M4A1 (+Silencer Version)

by Victim_Crasher


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2014-05-23 08:27:48 -0700


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Download Link:1401178748_m4_a1_with_silencer.rar

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V2 = Added Silencer Version, with different sounds of course :D V2.1 = There's one missing part texture configuration, the silencer shouldn't shiny anymore. Thanks Cisconetto for the feedback :) Request from Cisconetto :) I get the model and sound from gamebanana, and from CS:S weapon addon. You can see it here : FEATURES : 1. HD ! :) 2. Sound included ! :) KNOWN PROBLEM : 1. Please report the bugs if you encounter one :) Credits : 1. Gamebanana ( 2. Maker of the original model and mod in CS:GO : Ganryu - Creator HylianWolf - Compile, Stock Edit, and W_Models Twinke Masta - Base M4 Model TheLama - Stock Model Twinke Masta, !NC! Furious - Textures Percsank - Animations Vunsunta - Sounds Ganryu - Buypic