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Custom and Realistic WeaponInfo Pack for Cool Guns

by Naruto 607


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2012-11-14 13:31:45 -0800

Replaces:WeaponInfo.xml line cuts for GTA IV, EFLC Core, TLAD, and TBoGT according to weapons you installed in the list

Historic Rating:6/10

Historic Downloads:1,576

File Size:5.1 MB

Download Link:1352928705_custom_realistic_weapon_info_packfor_cool_guns.rar


Custom and Realistic WeaponInfo Pack for Cool Guns by Naruto 607 This is the custom and realistic WeaponInfo cuts for definitely cool weapons with cool attachments and all. These WeaponInfo cuts are accustomed by me from robrabbitman’s Realistic Weapon Mod v0.9 with the knowledge in mind, and definitely custom and immersive weapon sound for all of ‘em. It's intended for the weapons below: MK48 Mod 0 MM118 AK AK-47 Draco Russian Handgun Pack Exploding Nokia 3310 Walther PPK Five-Seven Tactical Gear Tactical Gear (non-silenced version) FAL Sniper M16 Weapon Mods, and M4A1 Weapon Mods I've added IMI Galil Weapon Line as bonus. You will always get bonuses from my mod. Hehe! Feel free to rate and comment, and remember not to comment for seeking trouble. If you found a hard way to install this, just say the word on the Comments section or mail me to my Author Email. Be happy with this mod, ladies and gentlemen!