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Deadly Left 4 Dead Gang Remade V3.50

by spidermight

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2012-03-21 08:04:51 -0700

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:9,227

File Size:24.0 MB

Download Link:1332397892_deadlyleft4deadgangremadev3.50.rar

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VIDEO: CLEO 3 only UPDATE v3.50 : bug fixed so zombies don't run away while fighting them anymore INFO: Take on the special infected and common infected from left 4 dead 1 there are 4 songs from L4D that will play while you fight them there are 4 common infected, 2 hunters, 2 smokers, a witch and a TANK that will try to kill you they are at the question mark "?" icon on the 1st island, view "zombies location.jpg" for the location if you manage to kill them all then they will come back once you go into the red sphere adds a horror/spooky feel to the game you do not get a wanted level while fighting them CREDIT: script by spidermight witch and hunter models by mudvayne22 smoker and tank models by MrGameAZ random zombies by BeeswaX