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Death & Low health music mod

by Maras86


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-11-26 07:33:48 -0800

Historic Rating:8/10

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File Size:3.89 MB

Download Link:1417183838_death_lowhealthmusicmod.rar


Hello everyone, it's my first time uploading a mod, so i just wanted to share with you ladies and gentlemen. I have simply edited two script mods that play music when player is low on health or dead. Basically i just added climatic music that i have exported from game files and converted it to .mp3, then back to .wav to compress it. Unfourtunley the mod is verry buggy, when player die, it plays both music or sometimes low health music doesn't play. I recommend to chose one of them for use by deleting one of scripts (choir or violin) Script mods that have been edited (changed music): Sad Violin Death Music and Choir Music Mod both by Mora Hannover - thank you for making these awesome scripts :) Full credit goes to: -Rockstar Games for music -Mora Hannover for scripts Note: when you're in-game and you nitice that in top left corner says something like "Error in script blah blah" Then download file called NAudio from there: Simply unpack, drag and drop all files in your game folder, it should fix it. Enjoy clinematic music :)