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Dingo's Food Mod 1.1

by CaptainDingo


Category:Script Mods

Added:2009-03-07 09:31:54 -0800

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NEW IN 1.1! --- You can dial 555-FOOD to fill the refrigerators of your safehouses with food! You can take one food out of a refrigerator by pressing ;, and eat them wherever you are (even in your car!) by pressing ' so you have a mobile source of food that will heal and satiate you that you can take on missions or wherever. There's also a brand new hunger bar that replaces the text cues from the last version. For more info, click my site link to see the GTAForums topic on it! -Burgers/Cluckin' Bell sandwiches provide the most fullness. -Then hotdogs. -Then nuts. -Then soda. While you're starving, your health slowly degrades until you buy something to eat, or... well, you know. Also, if you die while your hunger is empty, the friendly hospital staff will give you a full belly of food before they send you packing. Isn't that nice?