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Dirt Nap 2

by InfamousSabre


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-08-30 16:14:35 -0700

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Dirt Nap Version 2.1 Description------------------------------------------ Dirt Nap: The ultimate re-spawn handler. Choose how you want to die! (Or... live, rather) Features: -Enabled City Hall Hospital -Riding to the hospital in an ambulance -Waking up inside hospital -Hospital weapon confiscation -Waking up where you passed out -Being robbed while passed out Changelog------------------------------------------- v1.0: -Original Release v1.1: -Fixed dying in vehicles -Added speech upon awakening -Added Hospital Weapon Confiscation options v1.2: -Added waking up in hospital bed -Added possibility to be robbed when knocked out -Some civilians will now call an ambulance for you v2.0: -Bug fixes -Made everything customizable -Added spawning on trolley for hospitals with no interior -Added ambulance ride v2.1: -Fixed trolley sometimes losing position/causing player to get stuck -Added Ambulance Camera FOV setting -Renamed Ambulance Camera settings