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Execution mod v3.6

by 123iamking


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-06-30 23:58:03 -0700

Replaces:The previous verson

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:6,968

File Size:72 B

Download Link:1404197882_link.txt

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Get the mod now at my blog: Watch review video: You can free to do these executions: -Vladimir Glebov - uncle vlad -Dwayne Forge - the holland play -Playboy-X - the holland play -Cherise Glover - ruff rider -Darko Brevic - that special someone -Dimitri Rascalov - a dish served cold -Mikhail Faustin - the master and the molotov -Clarence Little - holland nights -Isaac Roth - late checkout You have 3 ways to catch a victim: -get targeted ped -get nearest ped -get any ped When the execution is in progress, you can: -change the camera's angle -stop the execution immediately when you forget the key press, you can read the key press instruction in the console window after "holding G then press Enter".