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Extreme Ramp Spawner

by extrememodder191


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Added:2013-10-21 10:59:18 -0700


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Ramp Spawner ------------------------------------------------------- You can spawn ramp while you are in car or on bike. Currently this is BETA version hence supports only 1 type of ramp. I have provided 3 ramps which you can spawn. First 2 ramps are light emmessive, so they lights at night. ini file setting supports (Big Thank to JulioNIB for his all tutorial) - you can change spawn destance & hotkey also Bydefault keys are 1,2,3(above Q,W,E) ini setting To destroy ramp after use [destroy ramp after some time (1-yes/0-no)] destroy_ramp=1 This will release some memory But if you waant to freeze position [destroy ramp after some time (1-yes/0-no)] destroy_ramp=0 Another circular ramp which is shown in pic is feature enhancement. Ramp is ready but i need some help with camera scripting. I want to make camera at front bumper or hood when tire touches to ramp, after ramp is over camera will return to its previous state. This will add awesome effect when rolling ramp. If someone intrested plz help in scripting. Special request for JulioNIB. If you have more ramp models, send to me. I will add them. ------------------------------------------------------- HOW TO INSTALL unzip files to desktop copy script folder to GTAScripts copy extremeramp folder to your GTAPCDATAMAPS folder open images.txt file add platformimg:/data/maps/highramp/highramp 0 open gta.dat add IDE platform:/DATA/MAPS/EXTREMERAMP/EXTREMERAMP.IDE IPL platform:/DATA/MAPS/EXTREMERAMP/EXTREMERAMP.IPL ------------------------------------------------------- SHARE WITH AUTHER AS MYNAME BECAUSE SHARING IS CAREING !!!