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Feral Street Dogs V1.00

by spidermight

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2012-03-31 02:17:08 -0700

Replaces:dwmylc2.dff dwmylc2.txd

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:13,739

File Size:3.08 MB

Download Link:1333185428_feral_street_dogs_v1.00.rar

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Cleo 3 Mod Feral Street Dogs v1.00 INSTALL INSTRUCTIONS : 1.Put all ".cs" files in your "CLEO" folder, Where your gta sa is installed 2.Open gta3.img with your img tool and replace the .dff & .txd files with the ones you downloaded 3.copy the folder "playlist" to your "CLEO" folder, Where your gta sa is installed 4.copy the folder "cleo_text" to your "CLEO" folder, Where your gta sa is installed 5.copy the files from folder "map" and paste them over the default files, found in /SAN ANDREAS/DATA/MAPS/... 6.Ready To Play ! INFO: adds feral/stray dogs fighting each other all around San Andreas & adds three dog fight rings meaning it will have a lot of people standing around the dogs while they are fighting and adds a betting system where you go in the red sphere and bet on a dog and get $100 only if the dog wins, and adds dog barking sounds only at the dog fight rings though. Check "feral dog locations.jpg" for The location of the dogs, Red dots are for random dogs fighting on the street and blue dots are for the dog fight rings There are 4 secret dogs hidden in San Andreas, If you one you will receive $20000 Let me know if you want more secret/hidden dogs to hunt for ! Credit: Scripts By SpiderMight Dog model by benkonata