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Gotham PD Tahoe V1.0

by OfficerGuardian


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-05-15 03:31:56 -0700

Replaces:PolPatriot , Texture

Historic Rating:8/10

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File Size:11.94 MB

Download Link:1368613916_gotham_police_tahoe_v1.0.rar


MODEL MADE BY CJ24 ///// to replace a tetxure : Made a skin for the Tahoe i am still working on getting out the boxville police skin, swat stockade skin. as i am also working on the Peds. After the Batman collection is complete and the pack is released i will start on another movie or game. or it will be scraped and unlocked if nobody wants it. and i am taking requests for skins at : [email protected] Thanks !