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Gulf Tanker Trailer perfect for Gulf Gas Station

by Ford-LTD


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Added:2013-12-17 11:42:24 -0800

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This is a simple Gulf-Skin for the Tanker-Trailer from Nikola76. The standard one was to boring in my opinion. How to install in the "readme". I had the idea to this mod after I've installed the Gas-Station mod. You will just get the skin for the Trailer, the Gas-Station-Mod is avaible here: --> Link to the Trailer-Mod by NTCRenegade. (required) --> Link to additional Trailers by Nikola76. (required) --> Have fun! :) Texaco Trailer-Skin will come soon. If you find some English-mistakes, please don't blame me I'm German :) . Credits goes to Gulf for the logo and to me Ford-LTD to create the mod. Don´t reupload it anywhere else without my permission.