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Head Shot with CrossFire Style

by 123iamking


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-04-22 06:34:03 -0700

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Head Shot mod Have you ever played CrossFire (CF) ? If you had , I bet you could never forget how awesome it is . I still remember when I shot some guys in the head in CF , it was really cool !! - the computer shouted "HEAD SHOT !!!" with a Skull on the screen . Why don't you try HEAD SHOT in GTA just like in CF ? Photos and some sounds copyrights to CrossFire . Install : Just like other script mods :) Usage : Press F5 to Enable/Disable Head Shot Mode **HeadShot List : 1st HeadShot : HeadShot . 2nd HeadShot : DoubleKill . 3rd HeadShot : TripleKill . 4th HeadShot : MultiKill . 5th HeadShot : UltraKill . 6th HeadShot : MegaKill . 7th HeadShot : MonsterKill . 8th HeadShot : ComboWhore. 9th HeadShot : KillingSpree . 10th HeadShot :Dominating . 11th HeadShot : Rampage . 12th HeadShot :WickedSick. 13th HeadShot :Ownage. 14th HeadShot :HolyShit. 15th HeadShot :Unstoppable. **Ultimate HeadShot : Godlike . If you can reach Ultimate level and u feel interesting , feel free to add video :) I made a stupid mistake , it's a error which only happens when you disable and re-enable HeadShot mod more than 2 times . I have fixed it now , sorry to everyone :(