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IV:MB Gearbox

by iriedreadlock23


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Added:2015-02-06 09:03:47 -0800


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Manual transmission modification for GTA IV and EFLC, enables you to get/set gears in gta memory. Extract MemBiter.dll (v1.1) and put it in your game directory. Copy and mbgearbox.ini to your scripts directory. Load game. If you want to change script options, open and edit mbgearbox.ini. More information is included in Readme file. Latest version: Beta 9 with gamepad support Update log: * Improved automatic gearbox * Added shift friction parameter * Improved gearbox tuning * Added key map function * Fixed gearbox issues with supercars * Added gamepad support * Better HUD config * Added clutch * Added traction control * Added gearbox limiter * Added custom configuration files * Added customizable gear shift sound * Fixed automatic gearbox issues * Fixed R/N gears issues (automatic) * Added gear ratios for automatic * Added custom automatic gearbox * Fixed stability issues * added simple GUI Included: * IVMB Gearbox Beta 9 * IVMB Gearbox Beta 7 * IVMB Gearbox Beta 4 Requires: * Scripthook 0.5.1 *