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IWL v1.2 (The army comes to Liberty City)

by 5mith


Category:Script Mods

Added:2015-02-12 18:17:34 -0800


Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1423793854_improvedwantedlevelv1.2.rar


This mod "activates" the police3(buffalo), police4(Stinger) and policeb(copbike, so they will be patrolling the streets of Liberty city and will hunt you down if you commit a crime. It does NOT REPLACE ANY EXISTING VEHICLE. The default police cars will still be around the streets, this just adds the three new law vehicles added in TBOGT to be usable by the cops. This version 1.2 has 1 car replaced(airtug) and comes in two versions, With or without the army. CHANGELOG AND NOTES(v1.2) -Increased frequency of FIB cars with 5 stars -When you archieve a 5 stars wanted level Both Brickade and APC will spawn and chase you (APC doesn t use the cannon) both with two men inside -N.O.O.S.E crusier, patriot, police stockade, buffalo, stinger and bike stop spawning at 5 stars because the FIB must take action. -The army comes to Liberty City, Soldiers will spawn(4 per cycle) in the streets when you have 6 stars. -The army uses a camo modded patriot, camo modded sanchez, barracks OL (three fanmade vehicles) and the Crusader from GTA V. -To quickly test the new features press I key for 5 stars and O for 6 stars. -Fully compatible with JulioNIB tankVstyle script(not included in the .rar) Special thanks to: KartikV1994------>US Army soldier model ThatOneHick----->GTA V Crusader The mod would not be possible without these two men so part of the credit goes for them because they given the permission to use their models. Also I want to thank to JulioNIB for his scripting tutorials. Have fun, try to survive and escape from the hands of the army.