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Jenny's Soul

by motorsport71


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Added:2012-04-23 21:33:09 -0700

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Jenny's Soul Rescue Mission Used example HippieCommunist's Zombiez.cs as a template then modified. Requirements: GTA IV v tested version, will try; should work) .net Scripthook v1.7.1.7 ASI Loader Patience, Perseverance, minor problem solving... Your sister, Jenny, was so confident she was the best lawyer in the world she took on the best contract writer known... the devil. You, the next day, recieved a letter with this information: A cemetary plot photo, at Colony Island. Directions to bath yourself by fire to enter Purgatory. This number: 2286906 A photo of the church at Liberty Lane in Suffolk A note from your sister... "Brother. I lost a battle with the Devil but sneeked a clause that allows you to enter Purgatory for a chance to save me. You are not obligated. I cannot be resurrected, just my body returned to Earth and Soul to Heaven. Be warned: Should you attempt and I die I will go to Hell. Every person here has gone insane and will try to kill you. It is a warped version of the world you know. The only help you have is the ability to heal fast, be thick skinned, and have 3 weapons which you cannot run out of bullets. If I die do not be upset, i was happy you tried... but you must know to then free yourself from that place you have to die there. I am not allowed, by contract, to tell you anymore than it is a place of hopelessness. Jenny" NOTES: It is possible. Please no spoilers. YOU CAN ACQUIRE A VEHICLE. It takes practice, luck, or both :p That vehicle probably won't last long... No Vehicles you are driving will "explode" at random, only when damaged out. Mod designed as a solo mission so no bodyguards... addition of them will be fruitless. They will not fight for you, and may possibly interfere with the script at a certain point.