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L96A1 Magnum [AWM]

by BLAD3101


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2013-07-03 14:35:31 -0700

Replaces:w_rifle.wdr; w_rifle.wtd

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:17,186

File Size:5.58 MB

Download Link:1372887331_awm.rar


// L96A1 [AWM] Conversion, editing, compiling by BLADE Original Author: Havoc Info: -HQ model and textures -Normal and specular map -New IV-style weapon icon -New Call of Duty: Black Ops scope reticle Cons: The carrying doesnt fit perfectly, because of the limitations of the GTA IV weapon carrying system. The stock cuts through Niko's arm a bit, because the gun has the handle like that. And because of bad animations, Niko reloads the gun on the other side... Requirements: SparkIV or OpenIV, a moddable copy of GTA IV Credits: I'd like to thank Havoc for awesome models and textures, and everyone who worked on this mod for CS:S Rate, comment, share your requests for weapons. I hope you like it! :) PS: The model is aligned as much it was possible to do.