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My Realistic Weapon Mod v3

by Naruto 607


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2013-08-16 09:32:40 -0700

Replaces:GTA IV or EFLC Core WeaponInfo.xml, TLAD WeaponInfo.xml + default.ide, and TBoGT WeaponInfo.xml

Historic Rating:5/10

Historic Downloads:1,877

File Size:16.21 MB

Download Link:1376670760_my_realistic_weapon_modv3.rar


My Realistic Weapon Mod v3 by Naruto 607 This is the final version of all of my Realistic Weapon Modifications. What do I change is APC Cannon's firing, Buzzard Weapons, and Annihilator's Miniguns. More of them explained in the Readme. To make this mod work optionally, you will need Weapon Optimization Pack. Link is at the end of the Readme file.