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My Realistic Weapon Mod v4.21

by Naruto 607


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2015-12-22 02:40:21 -0800

Replaces:WeaponInfo.xml, explosionFx.dat, materials.dat, default.ide

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I presume you are ready for Christmas and New Year's Eve, don't you? I haven't signed in for many months to check for new mods, but I think I'll be bringing up new and final weapon data mod for you. This is probably the final version of the mod, but still contain bugs on several weapon data selections. Here it is: My Realistic Weapon Mod v4.2 by Naruto 607. Changes in v4.2: 1. Added compatibility for Improved Wanted Level v1.4 by 5mith 2. Added compatibility for Gun Anim Mod v1.0 by Krlos_Rokr (for use together with Improved Wanted Level) 3. Added More Realistic version for TBoGT weapons (not yet implemented for IWL 1.4) 4. TLAD CZ75 pistol is now 12 rounds in the magazine instead of 18 (like Call of Duty: Black Ops and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive games), still features auto-shot though, with its recoil compensator that increases accuracy from normal to 1.2 times bigger I guess it's really a short changes detail, but inside the archive has various selections of weapon data for GTA IV and EFLC Core, which is, you can choose either to use with JulioNIB's mods or his/her and Sniper296's GTAPolicingTools @ Ensure that you read the ReadMe for more information. I don't provide v4.2x version of the mod; many people bragged about it that it is meant for beginners and nowadays, GTA V is now popular. I assume all of GTA IV players "once upon a time" are now experts like I am, with sjaak327's Native Trainer mod backing you up, so this is the reason why I don't provide it. The v4x (v4x, v4.1x) is actually a version with lower damage output like older weapon data mods, such as MattyDienhoff's Weapon Realism Mod. I hope you enjoy this mod, for you who still plays it. Don't brag about high damage output, because they are meant to be even more realistic. March 14 update changes: 1. Fixed TLAD Grenade Rounds for Grenade Launcher’s Explosion Type from EPISODIC_1 to EPISODIC_2, so that Grenade Launcher kills will not be counted as Pipe Bomb kills. 2. Adjusted CZ75’s weapon accuracy (TLAD) to be multiplied 1.2 times bigger than original ones 3. TBoGT Grenade Launcher now have muzzle effect – since the effect is not available in TLAD (maybe), I use Shotgun muzzle effect, to simulate the launch 4. Modified TBoGT Gold Uzi’s Fire Rate stats to be matched with IV Micro Uzi 5. All TBoGT’s explosionFx.dat now edited for Super punch cheat explosions; this type will count as Unarmed kills I do notice from v3 to v4 that TLAD Grenade Launcher explosion data is mapped as Pipe Bomb as I do copy-pasting data files from TBoGT to TLAD and idk they share same episodic data with different mapping. This has been fixed (for now). If you are downloading the earlier v4.2, I suggest to redownload this mod again to fix the Pipe Bomb kills issue with the TLAD Grenade Launcher. I have tested the old v4.2 by starting a new game in TLAD and I noticed why Grenade Launcher kills are zero, while the Pipe Bomb kills still increments when I use the grenade launcher. I hope the v4.2 fixes that issue. Now features the quite eased-up installation, with details, and Burst Grenades mod for TLAD.