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My Realistic Weapon Mod v4X

by Naruto 607


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2014-09-21 00:42:31 -0700

Replaces:WeaponInfo.xml, default.ide, explosionFx.dat, materials.dat

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:1,547

File Size:1.92 MB

Download Link:1411285351_realisticv4x.rar

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My Realistic Weapon Mod v4X by Naruto 607 WARNING! This is a weakened version of actual version and is recommended for novice players. Do not download this mod if you are advanced users, or if you are the one who wanted challenge in GTA IV or EFLC. Also, if you don't like this version, don't rate 1/10; take the actual v4 instead and try it. Features: 1. Realistic weapon data for novice players 2. Added Destruction Entertainment Explosion mod by ö-STITCH-ö, A.K.A. Stitch2333 3. Added Realistic Ragdolls v1.1 mod by RogueGamer (with 3 settings available below) a. Heavy Ragdolls: 133% original weight (with realistic proportions) b. Medium Ragdolls: 100% original weight (with realistic proportions) c. Light Ragdolls: 66% original weight (with realistic proportions) 4. Slug-loaded Shotguns version available (no further edits and less buggy) 5. Reworked v3 of My Realistic Weapon Mod v3 (both normal and Omega version) with bugs fixed 6. Added more speed of RPG warhead and Mk151 rockets (later AIM-9s from metalwars’ old aircraft mods to be implemented in TBoGT) 7. Compatible with JulioNIB’s “Minigun V-style” mod 8. Now available, Desert Eagle loaded with .357 cal. rounds (instead of .50 AE, is coupled with Slug-loaded Shotguns version), only for IV and not TBoGT Installation procedures can be found in the Readme.