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Added:2012-02-06 15:42:23 -0800

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Nemesis isn't your standard super power mod. It gives the player various levels of telekinetic powers, altering gravity, bullet time, and super speed as well as super fast regeneration while not using some of the other abilities. But what makes it different is it allows you to align yourself with police, or not, to fight a super villian, your NEMESIS... who has similar and different powers. The player is given infinate ammunition for most weapons during the battle... and you'll need it. Depending on how challenging you wish the engagement to be, you can also add blips to the villian... there are 3 different colors, one for each "generation". You can also spawn more than one villian at once... try one first. And be imaginative during the fights... Included is an ini; Controls by default: Toggle Script=F6 Spawn Enemy=INSERT Add Blip To Villian=B Bullet Time=H Run Fast=Y Telekinetic Ripple=L Mass Push=K Single Ped Push=J Single Vehicle Push=N Alter Gravity=M Police Alliance=T Note: With police alignment, you should set it before the battle. That way they can fight with you or against you both.