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New Zombie Script

by toyota12303 & HippieCommunist


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Added:2014-01-03 13:22:21 -0800

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This is a tweaked version of HippieCommunist's great zombie script. This includes a lot of fixes such as : Fixed jumping glitch (You now don't see zombies flying around when you get too far away) Fixed car glitch (you now don't see zombies getting out of cars when you get close to them) Changed zombie speed - they move a lot faster now Changed zombie amounts - there are a lot more zombies around (more than any other scripts I've tried) And more. To install the script just extract it to your scripts folder in the main GTA directory. To enable this script just enter the red light at the graveyard, or press F9 on your keyboard. Tested and working on GTA and Episodes From Liberty City. ! This is not stolen from HippieCommunist, this is just a tweaked version of his awesome script that includes changes & fixes !