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OUTBREAK v2.1: Infectious Zombie Mod for /

by motorsport71


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Added:2012-03-27 15:15:33 -0700

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This one was written so and users alike could enjoy. (Also tested on EFLC's TLAD, seemed to work okay and had another player confirmation it works on GTA IV version New in v2.1 Added independent Pedestrian Density Control for "Zombies Only" and "Zombies and Pedestrians" in the INI. Decreased Size of Infection% and Health Side HUD Lettering. Slowed Rate of Infection 20% New in v2.0 Better Stability and Climbing Zombies thanks to reviewing HippieCommunists ZombieZ.cs. Toggle On / Off Player Immunity Slowed Down Infection Level / Health Loss by 25% Added a "Blackout Notifier", like a pulse, to remind you your health is low (20%) when Immunity is OFF / player is infected. Added 4 quick travel safe houses and several places to inspect on the map, and a hidden weapons cache of unknown location... v1.0 There are, of course, the two modes: Zombies and Pedestrians... With zombies and pedestrians the infection is fast spreading. Everybody can get it. Bodyguards, police, even you... There is an infection meter for once you've been "Bitten". When / before it reaches 100% you need to find an ambulance, otherwise your health starts a countdown. Use the "Heal" key next to the ambulance to get the cure. Until then the heal function can bring you back up to 78% health as long as you hold it and aren't incompacitated. Just pay attention. Then there are Just Zombies... In just zombies you can get infected just the same, there just won't be screaming pedestrians and traffic. You won't see many zombies running around either... unless you make your presence known. Car alarms, gunshots, consistant car honking while the car is stopped... well, those are like dinner bells. Then they come from out of the woodwork. You can either be Niko, a cop with a partner, or a N.O.O.S.E. squad. With The Body guard option turned on everytime one is killed or turned turned into a zombie another will find it's way to you. As the cop or Niko you will always end up with a group of four. As the NOOSE squad you can end up with as many as eight. Hehe. There is also the option to turn that off so the stop respawning, kill them all off, or make them invincible. NOTE: They die if you change from Zombies back to Zombies and Pedestrians. They were retaining a Psychotic aspect and killing everything that moved... not good for healthy civilians :p While the mod is active all the hospitals are marked on the map with hospital markers / blips. Doesn't mean all hospitals have ambulances... There is an option for random events as well. Car explosions, random armed civilians, little things. Weapons will be spawning at random around you, but that doesn't mean go hog wild and waste ammuntion. Also, if you want the police to respond to Niko killing zombies while "zombies and pedestrians" are active you can activate that as well, making them treat him as a criminal instead of defending himself. The README! has links at the bottom that may help some. Please read it. When changing the big settings like Zombies to Zombie and Pedestrians i recommend bringing the player to a complete stop whether it be in a vehicle, on foot, whatever be it. Give the world a moment to to settle then change it. I also recommend playing the mod on a fresh restart of the game. Hope you enjoy!