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Public Host Game v1.1.1

by daimyo21


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Added:2013-11-25 00:44:57 -0800

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You do not have my permission to distribute THIS mod elsewhere, I do not mind if any major code is used, or built upon for learning/streamlining your mod, as long as you please credit accordingly if you were to release. Changelog v1.1.1: -Global Controls Image updated with PersistentPersons walk key added (possible other control additions) Changelog v1.1: -Updated Global Controls Menu for EverythingCar wrong/missing entries ---------------------------------------------------- - PublicHostGame 1.0 - Mod by: Daimyo21 - contact: [email protected] - Works in Multiplayer Only ---------------------------------------------------- PublicHostGame 1.0 is a script written to host public games privately in a p2p multiplayer environment FAQ: Who is PublicHostGame for? -PublicHostGame is for organized groups of friends/clans/random people that want to host public games without having to rely on inviting constantly. This is also great for organized events. How does PublicHostGame work? -PublicHostGame uses a PublicHostPlayerList.ini file that can be opened with notepad where player names could be added(Windows Live Names are Case Sensitive) that are verified to join the public game. All other players who join, will be kicked. What if the host crashes in multiplayer? -In a p2p multiplayer environment like GTA IV, if one player crashes, another host is randomly elected, this means that everyone in multiplayer must have the same PublicHostPlayerList.ini file and must be running PublicHostGame 1.0 If you have an extra computer to act as a server and solely run this script (certain/more scripts = eventual crash) there is an optional dedicated mode that pauses the game and blackens the screen, keeping the player in-game and as host the entire time. Cant someone in the group/event be a troll and remove everyone from the PublicHostPlayerList.ini file, kicking everyone when he/she becomes host? -Yes, however, upon becoming the host, the host announces to the server multiple times that he/she is host before the auto-kick functionality begins Features: -Ability to publicly host a game without the need to constantly invite your friends/group members -Auto kick functionality kicks anyone who is not authorized to be in the game, this can be toggled off/on -Manual kick functionality allows current host to cycle through names and kick accordingly -Dedicated Mode for those who want to solely dedicate a computer and run this script solely on it *This mode does not require others to have PublicHostGame script unless this person crashes which is very unlikely if just running this script *If in dedicated mode, console >> reloadscripts is require if the list is updated for 24/7 servers *Host in invisible and invincible in dedicated mode -In-game cleanup script that deletes all pedestrians(not players), vehicles, and objects. *This cleanup script is used when newly spawned peds, vehicles, objects begin to freeze in the air and become rock solid, usually resulting in restarting the multiplayer session for everyone *GTA IV MP has a max number of objects/peds/vehicles that can be spawned in at once, instead of restarting your multiplayer game, simply tell everyone to save their game(if your using persistent scripts), run the cleanup, and tell everyone to reloadscripts (if necessary). -Optional Customizable Global Controls Menu for Community ModPack REQUIREMENTS: Since the Host will be passing on from player to player, In order for this script to work properly, EVERYONE in the group must have it with identical PublicHostPlayerList.ini files (PublicHostPlayerList.ini files can easily be shared via dropbox) This is assuming there is not one person dedicating a computer entirely to hosting (and not playing) Installation: Copy PublicHostGame_Menu FOLDER (IMPORTANT else the script will CRASH!),, PublicHostGame.ini, and PublicHostPlayerList.ini into scripts folder. Find the full Community Mod Pack here: Credits: Daimyo21 [email protected] -Special thanks for all the help and support from scripthook IRC community channel (which includes some of the LCPDFR team) found here: http://www.gtaforums...howtopic=479739