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Real-life based liveries for burrito, burrito2, nstockade and pony

by GysCo


Category:Vehicle Textures

Added:2013-11-23 19:29:51 -0800

Replaces:burrito, burrito2, nstockade and pony textures

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- 4 liveries for in-game burrito. - NYSEG (New York State Electric & Gas) - RC VAN SERVICES - H&A NYC ELECTRICIAN - The Laundry Stork - Livery for in-game burrito2. - VIGILANTE PLUMBING - Livery for in-game nstockade. - NYDP EMERGENCY SQUAD - 4 liveries for in-game pony. - NYC Medical Examiner - New York State - Department Of State - State Of New York - Department Of Health - Century 21 department store FYI: - all NY based companies. - the reason for creating these in-game vehicle textures is to give GTA IV a more "real-life" feeling without installing new vehicle-mods. This way the vehicles.img file doesn't become too big. I have a PC with rather low specs and have already over 40 modded cars inside. - I didn't change the car colors for the pony to not have too many of the same color cars in the game but to best see the liveries you can change the carcols.dat file line for the pony to the same as the burrito in the ReadMe file. Enjoy...