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Smushpie's NYPD ESU Mod HD

by Smushpie


Category:Script Mods

Added:2012-10-12 01:27:41 -0700

Replaces:Everything Police Related

Historic Rating:9/10

Historic Downloads:1,729

File Size:152 B

Download Link:1389570228_updated_nypd.txt


Readme is very IMPORTANT! (HAS ERROR FIX) (The Readme file in the mediafire rar; not the DL link readme) Btw I had to put my files in mediafire because total size is 288 mb -This mod consists of my HD NYPD ESU Mod - Vehicles/Police Clothes/Weapons (1000+ Polys). There are folders with "[Optional]...." these within are not my works and is by other author. Here is my thread with more additional Pictures: Note: I HAVE PAINFULLY SORTED OUT MY FILES SO THAT IT HAS ALL THE PICTURES WITHIN THOSE FOLDER SO YOU KNOW WHAT IS IT YOUR REPLACING BY. BTW THE SCREENSHOTS ARE TAKEN WITH MY LESSER SYSTEM; THESE TEXTURES ARE 100% HD CRISP IN GAME! By downloading this and using this; you AUTOMATICALLY AGREE TO MY DISCLAIMER/AUTHOR POLICY. ENJOY!!!!!!