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TakeDown 0.9

by Nevitro


Category:Script Mods

Added:2013-07-07 10:29:29 -0700

Replaces:Only G key is resevred for script.

Historic Rating:9/10

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Download Link:1373446639_take_down09.rar


Hello! One of my fans wanted this mod, so i upload this. This allow You to throw on enemy! Also You can jump from roof and on cars ;) Version 9.0: <b>Added ini file where:</b> - You can enable/disable: <ul><li>player high fall scream</li><li>enemy panic scream</li><li>bullet time</li><li>aim jump with camera</li></ul>- You can change time of: <ul><li>lie of player after jump</li><li>lie of enemy after jump</li></ul>Also, <b>You can change force of jump.</b> More than 2.00 the checking of ped on front to make him ragdoll is not working corectly. I will try to fix that in 1.0 [rectangle check including force] and then i will add Grab Mode. ;) And i forgot to enable change key for script... I will add this in 1.0. <hr> Version 0.8: Faster jump (now 500% speed of jump, this looks good). Little better checking ped on front. Deleted panic scream. Little more smothly jump. Features in 0.9: -ini file where You could set force of jump. Like a superman or just normal. -More precise checking of ped on front. [now is circle, i will change it for rectangle] -ini file with enable / disable slow motion. But if You do not want i will not add this. <hr> Version: 0.7: This is beta, because i promised for him to upload this today. Next version will have fix for do it inside cars, better check peds colliding [now just he get clotest ped] and mayby i will change reaction ped for takedown. Write here - do You like enemy panic scream? Reaction of peds - what should be? BodyBalance or what? Do not be afraid and say what change in this mod ;)