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GTA:SA Map Teleporter - Version 0.1 ALPHA - (c) syc0 2005 ========================================================== Release Notes ============= v0.1 Initial release. WARNING: This trainer is not guaranteed to be bug-free. I recommend that you backup save games before using it. I will NOT be held responsible for any data loss or damage caused by use of this trainer. Instructions ============ Start GTA:San Andreas. Load the trainer and press the enable button. You can now use the in-game map to teleport. Right-click the map to set your location. Press the disable button to restore normal operation. Notes ===== * If you enable the patch and close the trainer, you will not be able to disable it. This is NOT a bug, to fix this would require me to embed Rockstar's code in the trainer. * This will NOT work while in a vehicle (but it will with the jetpack). * Your Z co-ordinate isn't changed, so you may find that you spawn underneath the ground or high above the ground. * The best way to teleport is to activate the jetpack cheat (type 'ROCKETMAN' in the game), go as high as you can, then teleport. Known bugs/Limitations ====================== * At the moment, you have to press the right-mouse button twice to teleport, as the game still thinks you are setting the marker. I hope to fix this in a future release. Next version ============ * Hotkeys to enable/disable. * Bug fixes Credits ======= Game code patch and trainer --------------------------- syc0 Memory addresses ---------------- !cMc! Jacob Stretchnutter Contact Me ========== If you want to contact me, send a PM to 'syc0' on I'd appreciate it if you notify me of any bugs. Feel free to send suggestions for a new version.