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The Indestructible Tank

by subramanian

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2011-12-01 03:25:20 -0800

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With this mod. In addition to the existing 88 mm cannon in the tank. A minigun is also given to CJ in a press of a button. He's invulnerable to explosions or gunshots at this point. Night and thermal visions are enabled again at the press of a button. A smoke screen(green gas) is released which kills any peds nearby the tank. In short, we can call this the ultimate Rhino mod. there is a bug though. pls don use the flying cars cheat i.e. RIPAZHA. the game will crash since I haven't written the logic for this. the Rhino is a land vehicle you know I've made a video of the new RHINO's capabilities. Check this link.. I'm sorry I din't put this in the readme file. after you enter turret mode(i.e. carry the minigun) press enter/exit to drive the RHINO again. Really sorry for my mistake. I overlooked this