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Two Tone Jericho

by Dr.Shock,butterhole,Cubexd


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2011-09-10 00:50:05 -0700

Replaces:w_eagle.wdr & w_eagle.wtd

Historic Rating:8/10

Historic Downloads:3,896

File Size:2.68 MB

Download Link:1315641005_two_tone_jericho.rar


This is a two tone version of butterhole's IMI Jericho that he converted to gta 4 I hope you all enjoy it and thanks for downloading :Credits: Model Converted By - butterhole ReTextured By - Dr.Shock Icon By - Cubexd @butterhole I have tried and tried to get a hold of you to get permission to release this but I have been unable to reach you.If you wish for this to be removed please PM Rappo and I am sure he will remove it for you or post in the comments and I will have it removed for you:)