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Unofficial Urban Weapons Pack

by Naruto 607


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2012-09-29 06:19:32 -0700

Replaces:All weapons in GTA IV, EFLC TLAD, and EFLC TBoGT

Historic Rating:6/10

Historic Downloads:10,444

File Size:264.58 KB

Download Link:1366360074_urban_weapons_naruto607.rar


Unofficial Urban Weapons Pack by Naruto 607, with the support from RNK Firearms. This is the weapon pack which the goal is to make resemblance of original IV, TLAD, and TBoGT Weapons. Note that this is unofficial, so don't redistribute. The real file size is much like an evil, but this one only contains Screen Shots, Weapon Previews, and a Free Picture from me. Download immediately to view my pics and to download the weapon pack via the link provided in the readme. Hope you enjoy this pack. UPDATE: Killerfist issued me that RNK Firearms is no need to be credited, but files still intact; Added what it replaces; Featuring DL link on Mediafire for quick and easy downloading