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Unofficial Urban Weapons Pack New Update + Bonds WeaponInfo Mod

by Naruto 607


Category:Weapon Mods

Added:2013-01-27 03:22:06 -0800

Replaces:All weapons in GTA IV, EFLC TLAD, and EFLC TBoGT

Historic Rating:7/10

Historic Downloads:24,897

File Size:3.32 MB

Download Link:1366367943_urban_weapons_new_update_bonds_weapon_info.rar


This is the new update of the previous Unofficial Urban Weapons Pack. It features: New weapon models Tweaked WeaponInfo Tweaked Weapon Sounds Weapon Add-ons (still have bugs) and Bonds WeaponInfo Mod as extra* *= This is just an extra mod by me. Don't ask why it's Naruto again in GTA IV and EFLC. Download link for the file and screenshots are inside this archive (in document file). UPDATE: You can download this at Mediafire (but in separated packs).