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V Style Waypoint Script V1.0

by Rugz007


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-11-03 09:50:08 -0800

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The Mod which is very basic :p I am not gonna type much but Features: Shows distance to waypoint (v style) Sizeable And Positionable Rectangle Upcoming Features : Feet Unit Of Measurement( was confused becaused when i saw a video the unit was miles and when i saw the pic it was feet :P) .ini Support for hotkeys :) FIRST SCREENSHOOT FROM GTA V!!! (my fraps doesnt work :( ) Second and Third Screen shot is real mod :D (photo taken from mobile) Usage : Bugs: No Bugs * IF THE RECTANGLE DOESNT FIT SEE THE TUTORIAL HOW TO FIX THAT DONT RATE 1/10 BEFORE READING THE USAGE TUTORIAL UP THERE ^ Credits: JulioNIB (for helping me a lot) Letsplayordy (for teaching me how to make .ini files [MAIN FEATURE DEPENDS ON .ini]) Thank you!