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Vehicle Gauges

by Lorenzo3024


Category:Script Mods

Added:2014-07-29 12:56:18 -0700

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This mod will add into the game an analogic and a digital Speedometer, a RPM Gauge with a Gear Box, a Turbine Gauge and three userful indicators. In the readme you can find all the informations. Notice: If you installed the previous version of the mod (from 2.0 to 2.3) please delete "" and "RPMGauge.ini" files Changelog: V. 2.4: Better textures; the turbine and the Gear Box work better; some screen resolution are fixed; joypad working. V. 2.3: Added three userful indicators. The first shows the engine damages, the second the tires damage and the third the turbo damage. If the third is active, the turbine won't work. V. 2.2: Added the Semi-Transparency (like in NFS:Shift). V. 2.1: Added a digital Speedometer (with MPH and KPH) and the possibility to deactivate the gauges. V. 2.0: First relase.