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Working ATMs

by gtafan113

A GTA San Andreas Mod

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Added:2013-06-13 00:05:50 -0700

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Information: This mod will enable CJ to use various ATM machines scattered throughout the state of San Andreas. Dollar sign icons will mark ATMs on the map. The legend will call it a "Robbery" sign and if you really want to change this, you can change the entry that says "Robbery" in the .gxt file you are using and change it to "ATM". Just go up to the machine and press the action button to use it. You have two different accounts to keep money in and the option of taking out a loan. The savings account gains interest and loans do too if they are not paid off within a certain amount of time. Right now the checking account is just a place to store money and it does not gain interest. You can edit the interests on both the savings account and the loan in the .ini file. You can also edit how often interest is calculated and added and how much interest is added to the loan after this time. More is explained in the .ini file. Here is a video of the mod: UPDATES: Version 2.1 Changed the saving system back to the .ini file, but each save slot is saved separately so the problem I initially had with the .ini file has been solved. I made the loan and savings account interests subroutines of the ATM script instead of having their own scripts, so if you have a lower version when you install this one, be sure to remove ATMLoan.cs, ATMLoanInterest.cs, and ATMSavings.cs from your CLEO folder. Future Plans: People will start to come after you if you don't pay back your loan for a long enough time. Give the checking account a purpose (if you have any ideas let me know). Some possible ideas are losing a lot of your money when you are wasted or busted so that it can be a way to protect your money and possibly the option to pay for things from your checking account (I have to look into this one). Bugs: None that I know of. If you find any please report them to me. Credits: Deji for the main outline of how to set it all up, and for how to use the .ini file. Sci4me for the main idea of an ATM mod. He requested it and that's how I decided to make it. I put this in the collaborative category because I got the idea from Sci4me and Deji helped a lot with the coding. Contact Stuff: If you need to let me know of a bug or have any other questions, please email me at [email protected], messaging me on GTAForums, or by posting a comment on this mod's page on GTAGarage.