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WWE Fighting Moves V5.0

by trung2082000hcm

A GTA San Andreas Mod

Category:CLEO 3 Mods

Added:2014-07-03 20:00:44 -0700


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===================== WWE FIGHTING MOVES v 5.0 ===================== $CREDITS$: -xinxaknuckles (anim) -skript47 (cleo) -Trung2082000hcm(cleo) $HOW TO USE$: Swanton Bomb (NEW): press O Moonsault (NEW): press U CodeBreaker: press I Chokeslam Remake:press K Skull Crushing:press L RKO Remake: Press R Sweet Chin Music : Press J $IFPs list$: WWE.ifp = Skull Crushing WWE2.ifp= RKO WWE3.ifp= Chokeslam WWE4.ifp= Sweet Chin Music WWE5.ifp= Code Breaker WWE6.ifp= Moonsault WWE7.ifp = Swanton Bomb $How To Install$: -Install CLEO3.exe - Move all files from CLEO folder to GTA San Andreas -Move GTA3wwe.IMG to MODELS Folder -Open DATAGTA.DAT and add this lines: "IMG MODELSGTA3WWE.IMG" GAMEPLAY :