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XLiveAchiever v0.3

by Alexander Blade


Category:Script Mods

Added:2009-11-03 17:14:19 -0800

Historic Rating:6/10

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Download Link:x_live_achiever.rar

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This is another hack by our known Alexander Blade. With this you will be able to get all of the achievements unlocked if the game has got Games For Windows Live. So have you been trying to achieve all of those hard achievements just because of the G score ? Well this is it, now you can make all the achievements unlock by one keyboard click. Installation: 1. You must have GFWL game with latest updates. 2. Copy dsound.dll and XliveAchiever.asi to game's binary directory. 3. Start game and go to online with your account. 4. Make sure that all things are fully loaded. 5. Press "G" key. 6. If you hear the sound - You have just unlocked all the achievements on your game. 7. You will get an GFWL notification - Achievements unlocked. Nothing happened ? 1. Probably your game is too new this not updated version of achiever. 2. Restart the game/computer try again. 3. You messed with the files/ didn't paste in correct direcotry. 4. Try other games before asking questions